Title Insurance Representation

What is Title Insurance?

“Title insurance is insurance against loss or damage resulting from defects or failure of title to a particular parcel of realty, or from the enforcement of liens existing against it at the time of the insurance.

This form of insurance is taken out by a purchaser of the property or one loaning money on mortgage, and is furnished by companies specially organized for the purpose, and which keep complete sets of abstracts or duplicates of the records…” Black’s Law Dictionary (4th Ed. 1968, West Publishing Co.).

Title insurance representation, including disputes of title, underwritten title companies, and legal description challenges and resolution is an area of specialty of our firm.

We find in our alleged civilization, in our Society of Law and Order, we do not own the land at all; we own title to land. Or we hope we do.
-James E. Sheridan, executive vice-president American Title Association, at the Forty-Eighth Annual Convention, 1955.

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